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The following is a work of fiction set in a very far future. Nothing in it should be taken too seriously…

Thursday, June 21, 2012

And to bed

After a bit, he realized that he was quite sleepy. 

Seeing him yawn, she smiled and said, "Time to tuck you in." She gestured and the two Basic robots appeared. They helped him undress and conducted him to a bathroom where he discovered that people still brushed their teeth after meals, though the "brush" was now an electronic wand that cleaned and flossed with some sort of mysterious process.
Then the Basics led him to a bed. 

As she had said, the Doctor was there to tuck him in. "Get some rest," she said. "And in the morning, we'll continue our adventures." She pulled the cover up to his chest and smiled at him. "Sweet dreams."
Then, she straightened and left. The lights dimmed and, before he knew it, he was asleep.

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