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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A blind skull...


The face gave way to a blind skull, the skin flayed away as by an acid wind. Then, It became a churning mass of tentacles. It was like staring into a snake pit. 

"Enough," Elena said. "Enough."

The screens went dark again. Omni faced them. "So, that's where we stand."

"You're sure he can't get out of there?" Arlanda asked. 

"Well, we're reasonably certain. There are no direct links between the Vault and the rest of the Net."

Somehow Elena didn't feel particularly reassured. The idea of that creature lose in the Web was horrific.

 "The question now," continued Omni, "is what to do next. Any suggestions?"

Elena spoke softly but firmly. "We do nothing. We wait."

"Wait?" Arlanda asked. "Why?"

"I need," she said, "to think about something."

"What about?"

"About," she said, "identity."

Dr. Elena

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