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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It raged


It raged.

The thing in the vault raged. Elena watched in horror. It was changing form, mutating and morphing as she watched. Sometimes it was a beast, something with great saber-fangs that dripped poison or blood. Sometimes it was the face of a screaming man. Sometimes it was a formless mass of tentacles that lashed at the walls of its prison.

And always there was the noise!  Screams of rage and horror! Bestial roars! The pounding of massive fists against the virtual metal of the vault!

"Papamellius," Arlanda cursed softly in Pantos. Then, she realized the irony of what she'd said. "I mean, damn. Or something."

Father of Demons, indeed. Doctor Elena, thought, flinching slightly at every thud of the creature's limbs on the vault's walls. Does it never tire?

It raged

(monster art work courtesy Montag77)

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