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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

They will dress you...

"Now," Elena added, "shall we begin?"

He nodded dumbly. This was all so new and so strange.

Omni said, "Excellent. Let me bring you some garments." And, at that, two things entered the room. He stared at them, too. They were smallish, just about his size, and very graceful, but clearly not human. They were made of some kind of metal!


Oh, of course. He remembered. The faint understandings that had been planted in his new brain made themselves known. There were robots everywhere in this day and age. They ranged from huge machines in automated factories to small personal servants, like these. Somehow, he also knew that these two particular robots were rather limited devices, "Basics," as they were known. They performed low level tasks. 

"There are others," Dr. Elena said, guessing his thoughts. "They are much more advanced. You'll meet some later. In fact, you'll have one."

"Oh, and I'm in all the 'bots," Omni added. "Their intellects are connected to mine. In effect, they are all parts of me. Though," and here the Avatar looked slightly pained, "some parts of me are a little more independent than others."

He didn't have time to think about the remark because the two robots glided silently towards him. He froze, not knowing what to do.

"Just stand," Elena told him gently. "They will dress you."

They will dress you...

He obeyed and the two devices came to him. Each took one of his hands. Their metal skins were surprisingly warm and tender. For a moment, he resisted, but then he heard Dr. Elena say, "It's all right. Just relax. Let them care for you." So, he remained passive as they began their ministrations. 

One of the two machines went to a near-by armoire. Inside was clothing, carefully folded in a cheerful profusion of bright colors. 

Oh, yes! He recalled, now. Once more, the memories they'd implanted in his re-grown brain made themselves known. Personal modesty had gone the way of the horse and buggy. People these days wore the most revealing costumes imaginable. For women, that meant tight fitting garments, sort of like a leotard or a catsuit.  Dr. Elena's was bluish, with openings at the nipples and at points around the hands.

Men—known as "Bishoni" here— preferred clothing made from sheer or transparent materials that hid nothing, or very little. One usually began with a set of translucent underwear, known locally as "trunks," though they were strictly optional.  Then, you slipped on a one-piece robe-like garment called "a toga" or "dress shirt." Other possibilities included something known as a "romper," which was a very short bodysuit that fastened with a snap at the crotch. Sometimes these would be augmented by a broad belt or cravat. 

For a moment, he wondered how anyone kept warm on cold days. But, then, he remembered that the clothing was made of intelligent synthetic fabrics—NuSatin, i-Sylc—that were sheer but active. They were like computers in fiber form. They would sense when he was chill and grow warm. They would know when it was hot and cool him. 

The robot returned with a toga. He stood again and allowed them to dress him. The garments settled around him. They seemed to move by themselves, taking his form and adjusting to his shape. 
"Marvelous," Dr. Elena said. "Truly breathtaking. "

Breathtaking? What on earth was she talking about? He wondered. 

Well, he decided, maybe he'd figure it out in time.


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