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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Other Was Terrifying

Outside his door, Doctor Elena considered. He would have sweet dreams. She'd made sure of that. She'd left instructions with Omni to monitor his brainwave and other neural activity. They'd keep track of his nighttime visions.

It was common for the Revived Ones to dream. In fact, it was important for them to do so. It allowed them to address the past. Frequently, it was a way for them to let go, to say good-by to what and who they had been before.

But, with murder victims, you wanted to make certain they didn't dream of terrible things. You didn't want to disturb them before they were ready to face the horror in their past lives. In some cases, it was better that they never did so.

And Bobbi might be one of those…

The boy was going to be one of her favorites, she knew. He was an interesting case, professionally speaking. He seemed to be adapting to his new body and new society with remarkable speed. 
She was a little puzzled by his choice of the name "Bobbi." Oh, it was a pretty enough name, and it seemed to suit him, but it was odd. They didn't have a great many records about who had he been and what he had done. There had been only the normal collection of identity materials attached to his cryo-pod, and those were never terribly complete. They revealed just the basics: age, next of kin, cause of death, etc.

But one thing those records had stated firmly was his name. He had been "Zackary T. Feldstein-Hanover." So, why "Bobbi?" Why not "Zackie" or something like that?

Well, it probably didn't matter. Maybe "Bobbi" had been the name of a friend or a pet. And, in any case, she knew he was going to be a delight to work with. He was so charming and so earnest. 
She sighed. Not, unfortunately, like the two other patients she was working with at the moment. One of those, the woman, was a pain in the ass.

And the other? 

It was terrifying.

Th Other was terrifying

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