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Saturday, June 9, 2012

There was something weirdly erotic in giving up control

There was something weirdly erotic about it all.

He was passive as a doll while they dressed him. Or a child. He had had no say in how he appeared. Yet, there was something strangely sexual about that. In giving up control.

Finished with his clothing, the two devices led him to a vanity table and a chair before a mirror. He sat and they did his hair. They applied tint to his lips and rouge to his cheeks. He stared amazed at the face that was taking shape in the mirror. 

They applied tint to his lips...

They helped him rise. He turned towards her. 

"Breathtaking" the Doctor said once more. "You are fabulous."

Instinctively, he didn't believe her. For a second, he even wondered if she were mocking him. But, then, he caught sight of her expression. She was gazing at him, her eyes wide and admiring.

My heavens, he thought. She's serious. How very, very strange. 

She rose. "Are you ready to meet the world?"

"I…" he gulped. "I guess I am."

"Excellent," she came and took him by the arm. "Let us begin." 

He allowed her to lead him away.

He knew, of course, that he neither could nor would do otherwise.

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