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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sweet and Musical

They talked for a while afterwards. He asked what people did for entertainment in this day and age.

"Many things," she replied. "We read, of course. You need only ask Omni and she will display any of a great number of books and periodicals here in your room."

Omni's avatar shimmered into existence beside them. In her hands, now, was what seemed to be a book. "Allow me to demonstrate," she said. "Here's a novel that's quite popular at the moment." 
The book floated out of her hands and into the space before him. Another hologram! he realized. He stared at the cover of the thing.

"Just think 'open,'" Omni said.

He did. The image of the cover opened to reveal a title page. The Dancer From The Nonestic Sea. He glanced at this and, when he came to the end, the book flipped to the next page. Somehow it knew when he had finished reading. 

"We can watch your brain wave patterns," Omni explained. "The book will know when you're ready to move on."


Then he watched while the book folded up and vanished. "You can call it back later," the computer assured him. "Or, if you prefer a hardcopy version, we can visit the library."

"You still have printed books?"

"Oh, yes," the Doctor said. "They're quite popular. Bound books are considered a separate art form."
"Interesting," he nodded. "And does television exist?" 

She replied, "We have something like it. In 3D these days. And games. We're very fond of games and puzzles. Live music is also popular. It is considered quite charming for a boy to sing or perform upon the harp or some other instrument. In fact, you will find that you know how to do so. We put the skill into you when we remade you. You are now a quite accomplished amateur performer." 

His implanted understandings informed him that this was indeed the case, that he could sing now, and that his voice was sweet and musical.

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