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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chapter Nine -- Constant-Désiré

"I'm sorry you had to see that," Doctor Elena told him. She'd come to his rooms and was now sitting beside him. "I know it was disturbing."

"Is the boy all right?" he wanted to know.

"He's fine. A little shaken up. But he'll be fine."

"What was the story on the woman?"

"Ah, a problem patient." And that was all she'd say on the matter. 

"I see,"

"Unfortunately," she added, "it is has rather complicated my schedule. I had originally planned to spend the afternoon with you. But, I'll be working with the young man you saw."

"The red-haired boy."

"Yes. His name is Ginger, by the way. Perhaps you'll meet him later. But, after this morning, he may need a bit of handholding."

"I would think so." Bobbi remembered the furious woman, her fists clenched and her arms outstretched. She'd been so obviously so eager to hurt the boy.

"But, to amuse you while I'm gone, I've asked a friend to drop by. I think you will like him."

A friend? This must be the person that Omni had hinted about. 

"Another Revival like yourself," Elena went on. "I've asked him to …uh…what was the expression you had in English? Take you under his leg."

He giggled. "Wing. It was 'take you under his wing.'"

"Ah. That does sound better."

There was a soft chiming noise from outside the door. "There," she said. "That will be him now."

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