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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Busy Day Ahead Of You

He took the sheet and draped it around his shoulders, less because he was cold than because he was not yet used to being nude. Then, he continued his meal, delighting in the new tastes and sensations.

"Now, in my role as keeper of your calendar," Omni's voice continued, "I need to tell you that you have a busy day ahead of you."

"I do?"

"After breakfast, we will dress you. And, if you like, you will have a pleasant walk in the park. Or perhaps you would care to visit the Center's library."

"The library, please."

"Excellent. Then, you are meeting with Doctor Elena at around two. That shouldn't take long. She just wishes to check on your progress. Immediately after that, you will have a visitor."


"A new friend. You will see. Then, you will have dinner with the Doctor and…several others."

"But, who? I …"

"Shall we dress?" the computer neatly sidestepped his questions. After a bit, Bobbi gave in to the inevitable and let two Basics bathe and clothe him, and then apply cosmetics to his face. Then, the avatar beckoned him. "Come, let's go the library."

Shall We Dress?

He followed the faintly translucent figure into the hallway, down a passage, and then to an elevator to the third floor. A door swung open before them and Bobbi found himself in an enormous library. Rack after rack of books with beautiful bindings stretched off in all directions. Humans and robots moved among them, selecting texts and carrying them off to finely crafted tables of cherry wood.

"Wonderful," he breathed, startled. "Absolutely lovely."

"All these books, and a great many more, are of course available in electronic form," Omni informed him. But, you Humans seem to love physical reality. And it is the custom here to present such text as both literature and art. The bookbinder is, today, considered as talented as the sculptor."

"Amazing," he looked around him. There was so much activity! Clearly the center was far more than just a medical facility. Readers must come here from many kilometers around.

"What would you like to read?"

He thought. "History," he suggested. Something to help him get his footing in his new universe.

The avatar seemed to flicker for a moment. Then it said, "I've checked with the Doctor. She thinks it might be best to wait a week or two before you got into that sort of thing. It might be a little disturbing just yet. Perhaps something else?"

He shrugged. "Art, then."

"Superb choice,"

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