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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"I make things interesting..."

One of the two Basics glided over to the door and opened it. Bobbi heard a merry "Greetings All!" and a bundle of energy entered the room. Actually, it was a young man, about his own size, but so animated, so full of bounce and vitality, that he seemed more like a tiny, perfumed cyclone than a person.

The figure whirled up to him and extended a delicate hand to be shaken. "You must be Bobbi. I'm Désiré. Well, Constant-Désiré. But that's too long. So just call me Désiré."

"I…" he said, flustered and amused at the same time. 

"Not the name I had the first time I was alive, 'course," the boy continued. "I was Constant-Désiré Roger Nguyen Brodeur. But that was way too much."

Constant-Désiré Roger Nguyen Brodeur

Before Bobbi had a chance to say anything, the boy had whirled off to Elena. "So this is your new protégée." 

"He is." Doctor Elena was smiling, almost grinning. Clearly, Désiré was one of her favorites.

"He's adorable. You're in serious trouble." Désiré laughed. "I mean, all of you. The ladies will be fighting over him like …well, like ladies fighting over a beautiful boy. How the fur will fly!"

 "And you, of course, will teach him everything about making the claws come out with particular force," she said, with a wry expression.

"Naturally. That's what I'm here for. I make things interesting."

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