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Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Oh, the mischief you'll get into."


The Doctor shook her head. "Oh, the mischief you'll get into." She turned to face Bobbi. "I'll be back in a bit. I know I'm leaving you in good hands."

After she was gone, Désiré came dancing over to him. "So when did you wake up?"

"Er," he tried. Had it really just this the other day? " I woke up yesterday."

"Ah. That means they got confidence in you. They think you're developing well." He walked over to the chaise on which Bobbi had awoken. "Here? Yes? You woke up here." He picked up the Teddy where it lay on the sofa. "Ah, good. Very good. An excellent affectation. Keep it with you. It will drive them wild."

"It…it will?"

"Indeed. Does it have a name?"

"Ah…" He thought quickly. It really didn't. He'd just thought of it as his Teddy. But, if it had a name, what would it be…? "Yookey," he said at last. Somehow, in his implanted understandings, he knew that Yookey was a popular pet name in Pantos. It was like "Sweetie-pie" or "Honey Bunny." An affectionate diminutive. "Its name is Yookey" he concluded.

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