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The following is a work of fiction set in a very far future. Nothing in it should be taken too seriously…

Sunday, September 30, 2012


To Bobbi's surprise, it turned out that the Center maintained a restaurant. "Actually, it is quite chic," Désiré explained. "Very expensive. All the Dominas come here to see the newcomers, like you. It is considered very exciting."

The restaurant was down a hall and to the left. At the entrance, Désiré stopped him. "One last check," he said. He gave Bobbi a quick inspection, straightened a bit of cloth on the romper, and then stood back. "Perfect. Take my hand and we shall make the grand entrance.”

Bobbi nodded, terrified but obedient. He was glad he'd brought his Teddy. It felt comforting under his arm.

"Then, we shall begin," Désiré said, and led him through the doors.

Inside was a large room, richly furnished, with tables and chairs. Robot waiters cruised about, taking orders and delivering food. The customers sat at their meals. Bobbi realized that most of those were women. There were a few boys here and there, almost always at a table with three women or more. But mostly it was just the women themselves, seated alone or in tense small groups.

Désiré swept into the place with Bobbi doing his best to keep up. As they entered, there was a distinct hush. It wasn't total silence, but Bobbi noticed it all the same. They are staring at Désiré, he thought. But, then he looked again and realized that many of the eyes in the crowd were directed at him. They're looking at…me?

The hush gave way to the murmur of ordinary conversation. Désiré whispered softly into his ear, "You have just created a sensation."

"I have?"

He touched Bobbi's cheek. "Ah, my dear child, how little you understand." 

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