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Sunday, September 16, 2012

"practice your skills at self-display"


After an hour or so, Désiré said that they ought to be getting ready for dinner. "We'll be joining the good Doctor Elena and a couple of friends of mine for a bite," he explained. "It will be a chance for you to get into the swing of things."

Again, Bobbi felt the terror of a shy man in the face of a social situation. "Friends…?"

"Don't worry. You will charm them. Now, hurry, and bathe, and practice your skills at self-display."

The two Basic robots appeared and led him to a bathroom. It came, he discovered, with a shower, very much like those that existed in his own times. The only difference was that there were no controls on the water. He could not set the temperature or the flow. Instead, the water simply began when he entered the shower itself. It was, he was delighted to find, neither too hot nor too cold. It was perfect.

Though, there was something odd about having no say in the temperature. It was like being a child again, and not being trusted with the hot water tap. Instead, his caretakers handled everything. 

He was also not allowed to use the soap. Instead, and to his amazement, the Basics entered the shower, the water flowing down their metal skins, and scrubbed and shampooed him. He felt the foaming bubbles flowing down his naked body. That, too, was strangely pleasant, as he stood in total passivity.

The shower ceased and the machines helped him exit. They dried him with brightly colored towels and then powdered his skin. To his astonishment, they even applied cosmetics to his nipples, highlighting them with a red-brown tint that they applied in the shape of small hearts.

Next they led him back into the front room. Désiré greeted him. "Excellent," he said. "Now, select clothing. What do you think the Women will want to see you in? A little test for you."

Bobbi allowed the two Basics to display a number of garments to him. Finally, he picked a romper of a transparent lacy material.

"Well done!" Désiré said, clapping his slim, delicate hands. "Excellent choice. Personally, I would have selected something darker, but the pink will highlight your innocence."

Once more, the Basics dressed him. Then, once again, they did his make up and hair. Afterwards, he regarded himself in the mirror. He stared. Once more, he wondered at it. How was it possible for him to be the lovely thing before him? He, who had been so loathed in his first life?

"You are fabulous," Désiré assured him. "And, yes, you will get used to it. It takes a while." He grew thoughtful. "Oh, and take with you the Teddy Bear. Your Yookey. It will drive them wild." Bobbi was surprised but he picked up his bear. He felt its soft fur on his skin.

Désiré stood and took Bobbi by the arm. "But, come, we should go meet the Ladies." He laughed, a look of sweet mischief on his face. "And believe me, once they see you, they may never be the same again."

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