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Monday, October 22, 2012

A little smile of triumph


Dr. Elena, the Captain and Désiré watched them go. After a moment, Elena turned to Désiré and said, "May I have the honor?" Désiré nodded and extended his hand. 

Before she rose, the Doctor glanced at the Captain. "If you don't mind, that is."

"Oh, no," the Captain replied cheerfully. "Just remember to bring him back. I've got him until the morning."

"I promise," the Doctor said. "All the parts will be in working order upon return." And she led him onto the floor.

They moved smoothly with the music, taking quick glances now and then at the young Knight and her charge. They were doing passably well at dancing.

"Your new boy will be a triumph," Désiré said, pleasantly. 

"I think so, yes," the Doctor replied, a little pride creeping into her voice. "He is remarkable."

"Does he know he was murdered?"

"Yes, but so far I'm trying to draw his attention away from that. There is no sense in distressing him unduly."

The younger couple swept past them. The Knight was staring at Bobbi, her eyes huge and eager. Bobbi was too shy to look back.

"By the way," the Doctor said to Désiré, "your choice was excellent. Arlanda is perfect for his first time."

"I'm pleased, yes," the boy agreed. "They're a good match. She has just enough experience that she won't be totally unfamiliar with sex, yet not so much experience that they won't take joy in exploring one another's bodies."

The Doctor laughed. "And how would you know how much experience, if any, Arlanda has?"

Désiré gave her a sly smile.

"Ah," the Doctor said. "You are a scamp, my dear."

"Which," replied the boy, "is one of the reasons you brought me back to life."

"True enough." Then she changed the subject. "Say, speaking of which, next Tuesday, I was thinking we might go to the beach. There's a hotel in the Caribbean that's seems quite nice."

"Whatever you like," replied Désiré, a little smile of triumph on his perfect lips. "Whatever is your desire."

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