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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And dancing...

"Let's order," the Captain said, merrily. Robots appeared with menus and passed them about. Bobbi found himself confronting several food items, many of which he had never heard of before. What was "Mycoprotein?" And how did you eat "caseus?"

Désiré saw his distress and leaped to use it. "I believe our young friend may be unfamiliar with a few items on the menu. Perhaps we should be of assistance." He glanced at the Knight. "In fact, I think the Sirana should be of service here. Why don't you, um, order for him."

Arlanda looked almost panicked. But, she seemed to steel herself, and did her best to smile at Bobbi. "Uh, when you were alive the first time, what were some of your favorite foods?"

Bobbi's mind raced. "Hot dogs, hamburgers, creamed tuna on crackers, beans and rice, Szechuan cooking…"

"What is a Szechuan?"

"It was a place in China. The cuisine was very spicy."

"Ah, excellent. You may like the Goldoi."

He nodded, submissively, and allowed the Knight to order for him when the robot waiters reappeared. Then, robot musicians began to play. At that, some of the couples moved onto the floor and began to dance. The music was slow and the dancer's movements were gentle.

By God! He was stunned to realize that what they were doing was actually familiar. They Dominas and their Bishoni held each other in light embraces while they moved the feet in a faintly rectangular pattern. Amazing. Even after all these long centuries, women and boys courted one another with music and what was recognizably the box step and the waltz. 

"Superb," said Désiré. "Let us have a bit of dancing while we're waiting." He nodded at Arlanda. "I believe you and Bobbi should give it a try."

Arlanda appeared absolutely stricken. "I don't know how…."

Absolutely Stricken

Désiré laughed. "Bobbi will show you."

Bobbi stood unsteadily. He was terrified. But, he did know how to dance. All those years ago, he'd taken class after class in ballroom dancing in the desperate hope that it would make him popular. He'd failed in that purpose, but he knew how to waltz.

Arlanda moved to him. "Be gentle with me," she said, half smiling but also a little serious. She put her strong arms around him and they joined the other couples on the floor.


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