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Friday, February 1, 2013

Pretty Spooky


Arlanda stood and very tenderly took Bobbi by the hand. He stood, tentatively, and then, trembling slightly, let her lead him away.

Once they were gone from the table, Désiré spoke, half to his companions, and half to himself. "And so, to bed."

 The Captain smiled at him. "You are an expert at this, aren't you?"

"But of course. I was quite good in my first life. And I am better now."

They laughed. "You are terrifying sometimes," the Doctor said. "I wonder who is really in control of our world."

Désiré didn't answer that. He changed the subject. "Speaking of terrifying, you will want to explore our new friend's intellect a bit more. He has some spooky talents."

"Really? Such as?"

Désiré recounted the story of Bobbi's analysis of Alona.

The Doctor looked startled. "He got all of that? Just from the verbs?"

"Them, and from the grammar. He said it was too regular."

"Interesting." Elena thought about it. This was odd. Such freakish abilities usually didn't make the transition through Revival. The personality and memory went through, but not outré talents. The man who could work word jumble problems in his sleep, or who knew the scores of every sports event for fifty years, emerged from the process with his soul intact, but not his obsessions.

"Probably not a problem, but still… I'll run some tests."

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