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The following is a work of fiction set in a very far future. Nothing in it should be taken too seriously…

Thursday, March 14, 2013


She was naked now. She was on top of him. She was kissing him. He was squirming under her. Pinned. Helpless. Loving his helplessness. Feeling her massive body on him. 

She offered him her breasts. He took the nipples one at a time between his lips and obeyed her unspoken command to suck, to lick, to give her pleasure…

He whimpered with pain and joy. He tried to speak, but she touched his lips with her fingers, whispered, hush, and he obeyed.

Then, she moved slightly…upwards, forwards, and…he was in her! She took him inside her. She crushed back down on him. He was consumed!

She was on him! He was in her! 

With a roll of her hips she crashed down onto him. He felt her vagina close on his penis, then release, as she slid down its delicate shaft. Then, she was up again . . . down! With greater and greater power . . . she forced herself onto him. He felt his breath coming in weak gasps. All he could think of was her face . . . her hands . . . her lips . . . her great thighs that held him captive between them. 

On and on she rode! He was covered with sweat. He was panting. He was nothing . . . he was nothing . . . he was her slave . . . her pleasure . . . her creature . . . 

She reared up! She roared! Like a lioness, she roared!

And then . . .

The world exploded!

He had no mind. He had no name. He was nothing.

But delight.

They slept.

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